The last 18th and 19th of july the 2016 Virgen Blanca Trophy and Euskadi IOM championship took place at the excellent facilities of the Club Naútico Vitoria.
There were 18 skippers coming from France , Almeria , Cádiz , Cataluña in addition to local sailboats.
We were able to sail 18 rounds , 13 on saturday and 5 on Sunday.
Saturday was sunny and started with a nice wind ( 8-10 Knots) coming from the south, that was a little tricky to sail, changing slightly in direction and intensity all during the morning.
At 15h aprox wind changed into north . The initial gusts of 15 knots made many skippers to change into B suits but few minutes later the wind loosed intensity making those that maintained A suits to win easily the latest rounds of the day
Sunday was sunny too but the light wind from the east-south only allowed us to sail 5 more rounds.
Few minutes before 14h the competition was finished

Virgen Blanca Trophy 2016
1st : José Valverde ( C.Mar de Almería)
2nd: Ramón Goñi ( Club Aize Lagunak)
3rd: Xabier Zatarain ( Club Aize Lagunak)

Euskadi Championship 2016
1st: Ramón Goñi ( Club Aize Lagunak)
2nd: Xabier Zatarain ( Club Aize Lagunak)
3rd : Ángel Ávila ( Club Aize Lagunak)

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